Whole Health Dentistry combines the best of integrative dental medicine with tooth-preserving dentistry for optimal oral health. Dr. Copeland is your holistic dental care source, providing health-enhancing dentistry for long-lasting and beautiful smiles.


  • “During each and every visit you’ve shown that you are more attuned to the nuances of the patient in all his/her vulnerability than any health professional I’ve ever before met. Dr. Cynthia Copeland, you are extraordinary on every level, professionally and intuitively.”

    -S.M. Gustafson

  • “Thanks again! I’m ecstatic I was able to get in and I’m really pleased with the results as well.”

    -Bruce Gombrelli

  • “Very pleased with the service and perspective. So nice to find a dentist that views the teeth and oral cavity as connected to everything else in the body.”

    -David G

  • “Thank you for caring!”

    – Megan T

  • “I had my teeth cleaned thoroughly and my mouth checked for health in general. This dentist does an amazing holistic job.”

    -Reny T

  • “A wonderful warm atmosphere.”

    -Michael W