Get Biocompatible Ceramic Bridges in Santa Barbara, CA

Missing teeth are more than just an aesthetic issue. Your teeth depend on one another for support, so if a tooth is missing or if several teeth are missing, the remaining natural teeth can start to drift, potentially eroding your jawbone and threatening the integrity of your jaw. This drift can lead to many problems, including missing teeth or a condition known as a “collapsed” face.

Dr. Cynthia Copeland and her professional team at Whole Health Dentistry in Santa Barbara, CA, offer biocompatible ceramic bridges to restore missing teeth. Bridges are an affordable, effective solution for patients living with missing teeth. They can restore the look and feel of your bite while protecting your remaining teeth.

What to Expect from Biocompatible Bridges

Biocompatible bridges are designed to work well with your body. Other bridges may contain conductive metals that can cause uncomfortable or destructive reactions when interacting with the different tissues in your mouth. Biocompatible materials are made with the specific conditions of your body and mouth in mind. They can last many years and will not corrode or conduct heat.

A bridge is a natural-looking restoration used to restore missing teeth and support your remaining surrounding teeth. If you’re missing teeth and want to know if a bridge is right for you, Dr. Copeland can explain the options available and help you determine the right course of treatment.

To place a bridge, Dr. Copeland will prepare the surrounding teeth, removing a small amount of material so the bridge can fit securely over them. She’ll also use advanced 3D equipment to take precise images of your bite, allowing her to understand accurately what needs to be restored. Dr. Copeland will use those images to manufacture your biocompatible bridge, custom-made to fit your needs. Once the bridge is complete, Dr. Copeland will install it over the surrounding teeth using a special dental bond, anchoring your restoration to the natural strength of your remaining teeth. That will effectively restore the appearance, feel, and function of your bite.

To learn more about biocompatible bridges, text Dr. Copeland today and schedule an appointment for a consultation.