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May 03

If you are interested in TMJ treatments, you might want to think about finding a dentist for TMJ treatment in Santa Barbara, CA. There are several things that you might want to know about TMJ treatments first. What Is TMJ? Before you learn about what a dentist can do in TMJ treatments, you might want […]

May 03

For years, amalgam, or a combination of metals, has been used to fill teeth. Though this worked in the past, there are now more options for filling teeth than ever before, and having your amalgam fillings removed is surely possible. For those searching for a biological dentist for amalgam removal, Dr. Cynthia Copeland and the […]

May 03

Cosmetic dentistry is a section of professional oral care that can help people who are not satisfied with their smiles. It improves the appearance of a person’s mouth, gums, teeth, and overall smile in numerous ways. It is not uncommon to look at one’s smile in the mirror or someone else’s smile and think some […]

Apr 30

We all want our teeth to be as healthy as possible. Our mouths are teeming with bacteria and as such, it is necessary to do what we can to remove bacteria and make sure our teeth and our mouths are as healthy as possible. Ozone therapy is a great option to help safely and effectively […]

Apr 30

Fillings are a common thing in the mouths of millions of people around the world. Fillings are used to help remove decay and restore the tooth so that it can continue to function without issue. If you are looking for amalgam fillings removal in Santa Barbara CA, Whole Health Dentistry can help. You can trust […]

Apr 30

A CO2 laser is a carbon dioxide laser. In aesthetic medicine, the CO2 laser improves the appearance of a patients’ skin. However, further research has shown there are many benefits to using the CO2 laser for oral care as well. You may wonder what a dentist uses it for and how you can benefit from […]

Feb 17

Regular dental exams at our office support your teeth and gums; however, they also promote healthy joints and muscles and the wellness of organs and systems that are distant from the oral cavity. As a biological dental practice, Whole Health Dentistry of Santa Barbara, CA acknowledges in everything we make the connection between the teeth, […]

Jan 15

Dramatic cosmetic improvement doesn’t have to mean dramatic alterations to the structure of your teeth. As a biological and cosmetic dentist in Santa Barbara, CA, Dr. Cynthia Copeland of Whole Health Dentistry injects youthful vibrancy and health back into your appearance with: Conservative, non-traumatic, and safe treatments Techniques and procedures that fit…

Dec 24

At Whole Health Dentistry, you are more than your mouth. We account for the “whole person” in all that we do. Along with our dentist, Dr. Cynthia Copeland, we focus on the patient experience – before, during, and after your visit. An exceptional experience at the dentist’s office is also convenient, comfortable, and stress-free. CEREC […]

Feb 25

“Some fats and oils can be used when cooking over high temperatures, while some are better suited for use over low or no heat. The following guide lists preferred cooking oils, their smoke points, and their best uses.” Download the attached PDF for more details and a handy chart. A Guide to Cooking with Fats […]

May 11

Ozonated Olive Oil is made by infusing a high concentration of ozone in extra-virgin pure olive oil. It combines the moisturizing and smoothing properties of olive oil with the versatile healing properties of ozone. We keep glass jars of this for patients refrigerated in our office for dispensing. In practice, a small amount of the cool, […]

Apr 29

Ozone was pivotal in my practice. No single other concept and practice has affected more change in my thinking, how I view disease and healing, how my therapies are performed and the enormous improvement in treatment outcomes. The use of ozone permeates every portion of our work at Whole Health Dentistry. To say it is […]