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Feb 27

Is Biological Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry?  Absolutely Yes! Biological dentists use some traditional methods of material selection such as shade, color, light transmission, and shape matching. Biological dentists are also looking for harmony. Harmony with how the teeth, muscles and joints function, and with how the material reacts with the body’s immune system. For instance, traditional […]

Feb 07

Note: Thank you to Edward Arana, DDS, founder of the IABDM, for his excellent article Thoughts on Biological Dentistry, for portions of this work, as he stated so clearly the heart of the matter. One way to describe this type of practice is conscious dentistry. All the technical aspects of traditional dentistry remain true. However, the Biological […]

Nov 16

In 1926 Alfred Stock PhD defined the term chronic micromercurialism describing the effects of mercury on the body. This can be mercury from any source. Please understand that the ADA refutes that mercury is released from amalgam fillings. A health practitioner other than your dentist must talk with you about the dangers. Your dentist is […]

Aug 10

Hg out of sight…. In the little room beyond my children’s in our office there is a door behind which the lights flash, sounds and shadows escape from under the door like a muffled Willy Wonka contraption held at bay.  It is like this in many dental practices – some dark corner where the air […]

May 29

Dr. Copeland, Should one of my mom’s anchor teeth hurt three weeks after her bridge was completed? The doctor shaved down some tooth to help, but it didn’t do any good. Please let me know what you think. Thank you so much!-Jane Hi Jane, If the tooth is just uncomfortable to biting or chewing it […]

May 22

Greetings, I live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai. My dentist thinks I should have a root canal and I feel like I need a second opinion. The options on the island are minimal so I am wondering about coming to Santa Barbara to see Dr. Copeland. This is the situation:Three or four weeks […]

Nov 19

Dear Dr. Copeland, My question is about a root canal done many years ago (at only 31) and the dentist really did not do a good job. I had to go back and have it redone. The new dentist found that the tooth next to it has had a lot of food collection and has […]

Oct 20

Note: This information was taken directly from the EPA website. WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today proposed standards under the Clean Water Act to help cut discharges of dental amalgam to the environment. Amalgam is a mixture of mercury and other metals that dentists use to fill cavities. Mercury is discharged when […]

Oct 16

Hello Dr. Copeland, I came across your website and I have a quick question that I hope you can help me with. I am currently in the Middle East and I had all of my nine silver fillings removed. I had them done by a normal dentist, which I am learning can be dangerous due […]

Aug 10

Dr. Copeland, I own a dental lab specializing in dentures. I am always looking into what is best for the patient when it comes to denture fit. I read your article on olive oil and was wondering how this would work for a patient that has dry mouth and is a denture wearer. I have […]

Jul 11

I received an email from Bruce about a new tooth technology. To understand my response to his email, please read through the article here: My answer to Bruce’s question is below: Hi Bruce, Thank you for the bringing this article to my attention. I have seen this technology and it sounds really promising. I agree […]

May 12

Dear Cynthia, Have you heard of Vital Pulp Therapy? Not sure exactly what it is but I saw this article, most of which was a bit hard to understand. It talks about being able to repair the pulp. Can you help shed some light and specifically if this is an option for my tooth? Thanks […]