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Jul 30

A challenge that we have in many aspects of medicine and dentistry is how to prevent and put out incidents, or “fires”. In holistic models fires may range from trauma to teeth such as a blow from a skateboarding accident, pathogens causing periodontal disease or implant failure, or jaw pain from stress or emotional obstacle. Fires […]

Feb 06

There is an interesting debate on between Charlie Brown, Executive Director of Consumers for Dental Choice, one of the groups that sued the FDA and petitioned it to review its position, on dental amalgam and Dr. Edmond Hewlett, Professor in the Division of Restorative Dentistry at the UCLA School of Dentistry and Consumer Advisor for […]

Aug 11

Perhaps it’s because I finally actually planted the potted plants purchased at the nursery or that the nice weather that encourages my peering at the gardening skills of my neighbors, that gardens are on my mind. Before you look up to see if you’re still reading a dental website, let me assure you that a beautiful […]

Jul 14

Pregnancy: Medical Dental Issues, Nutrition, Toxicity Due the number of questions that have arisen recently from patients, I felt this topic deserved some much needed attention. Whether already expecting or planning a pregnancy, it is our nature to want to provide the best for our children.  Understanding how oral health, self and baby health are […]

Dec 31

Most folks who have used nightguards have a murky history of being told they had a bruxing (grinding) or clenching problem that was wearing down their teeth.  A few had guards that were recommended for jaw (TMJ) issues.  And,I would say that the the overwhelming majority of new patients, perhaps 85%, don’t like or use […]

Dec 08 FDA Panel to Weigh Health Risk of Dental Amalgam Again Robert Lowes Authors and Disclosures December 7, 2010 ” An advisory panel of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) next week will weigh a study claiming that 67 million Americans with mercury-based dental fillings are exposed to mercury levels exceeding those considered safe […]

Nov 30

In responding to a patient’s question today regarding onlays, I realized there still remains a lot of misinformation about what this type of restoration is as opposed to a crown or “cap.”  In this practice, a primary goal is to restore the function of teeth with the most conservative method possible that provides the best […]

Nov 20

In light of the 11/15/10 Journal of Alzheimer’s statement that dental mercury amalgam is linked to that disease and last week’s special FDA advisory committee meeting on dental amalgam risks, I feel incumbent to say a few words. Mercury is a known neurotoxin. It is impossible to determine how much is “tolerated” by a single […]

Nov 18

Hi Dr. Copeland, I was hoping I could maybe talk to you about a root canal problem I’ve been having. I’m 28 years old, but when I was six, my front tooth was knocked out. I had a root canal done right away, and although it had a few problems along the way – discoloration, […]

Oct 10

Patients often ask,“What type of toothpaste or mouthwash should I use?” My thought is always, “What is the pH level of your saliva?” In contrast to toothpastes and rinses, saliva is what teeth are bathing in every second of the day. It is the saliva that plays the lead role in maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline […]