The exceptional smile bar at Whole Health Dentistry

At last…superb oral care at its best! Enjoyable and simple to book, BOCA provides you with the highest quality dental hygiene care.

Your mouth is unlike anyone else’s – it’s unique! What is more, a healthy mouth creates a healthy body, so it is vital you know how to take care of it. Here are the types of questions you’ll get answered at BOCA:

  • “How do I best take care of myself to prevent dental problems?”
  • “How can I recognize concerns with my lips and gums?”
  • “What’s ‘that’ on my tongue – and is it dangerous?”
  • “How can I make my teeth look better, and do it safely?”
  • “Is there someplace that will clean my teeth with natural ingredients?”
  • “Is there someplace my kids will actually WANT to go, and learn skills they can  use for a lifetime?”

Your excellent oral health is our primary objective. Whatever your age, discover the power, knowledge, and skills to keep your teeth and mouth healthy for a lifetime. Improve your health, your appearance, and how you feel about your teeth. We can even help you alleviate pain, stress, and worry.

Dr. Cynthia Copeland developed BOCA to fill a much-needed gap in dentistry: really enjoyable prevention and skill building, based on each patient’s precise requirements and timescales. BOCA is the Integrative Dental Hygiene companion to Whole Health Dentistry, Integrative Dental Medicine.

The BOCA botanical mascot – the inspirationally appropriate succulent – displays beauty, resilience, strength, and high sustainability. BOCA promises you the same for your own dental and oral health!

We are located in scenic downtown Santa Barbara, and have plentiful off-street parking and easy disability access. Scheduling is available by phone or in person (and soon online and on mobile devices). There are several appointment types to choose from, and each can be tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Several appointments can be tailored to specific needs and preferences. Treatments are comprehensive, highest quality, consistent and individualized.

You are here for a clean up, tooth lightening, to preserve your dental work, or introduce your family members to enjoyable dental care. Welcome! If you are new to BOCA or Whole Health Dentistry, we have an obligation to ensure BOCA is right for you by evaluating your current dental health. If there are areas of concern, we will show you and provide direction on how to get help.

This exam is legally required for all new patients. What happens? We will ask about your health and dental history, look for the presence for tooth decay and gum disease. We may take simple photographs of concerns and take a sample of saliva to look at your mouth creatures. Eww?! Not necessarily! Many of these creatures are good guys! To evaluate inside and between the teeth for tooth decay, we will ask for permission to take bitewing x-rays. After this simple appointment you’ll be ready for your other BOCA visits.

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BOCA offers these fun visits to build trust and encourage your child to be comfortable in a dental setting, as well as for you to practive hygiene skills with your child. These are short visits and intended to be frequent, as determined by need. These visits support the parent taking the lead with oral care at home. Both you and your child will learn together and experience happier “at home” brushing and flossing.

ALL dental disease is 100% preventable. Let BOCA be your partner in creating this reality for your family. Imagine the relief of easy brushing and flossing at home. Imagine your child having confidence and the right words to describe mouth issues accurately, having a history of great experiences, in a setting you both trust.

First BOCA visits may be as simple as riding in the dental chair and working with a toothy, friendly soft toy and toothbrush. Later visits may include you and your child demonstrating good brushing technique, counting teeth, looking at live mouth “bugs”, fun quizzing on mouth parts, looking at pictures of healthy and not healthy teeth, talking about food choices, and cleaning teeth with the polisher and “Mr. Thirsty” (air/water and suction).

BOCA is designed for prevention, and ideally begun before children have dental issues. However, child learning visits can occur at any time, even in the presence of acute dental issues, so long as those issues are being addressed at Whole Health Dentistry or with a Pediatric specialist.

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BOCA visits emphasize kids discovering their best home care techniques in a fun environment. The visits support the transition from parent-led to kid-led home care with parental support. The visits are appropriate in length and frequency such to achieve success, and maintain excellent health and habits. Kids will have the opportunity to learn about the science behind oral health and dentistry to support their growing, independent decision-making.

This age is perhaps the most critical and least appreciated benchmark in a person’s oral health development – with the transition from “baby” to adult teeth. If you can capture good dental health for your child at this age, it can mean a lifetime of trouble free teeth. The alternative can be heartbreaking, expensive and have lifelong consequences.
—Dr. Cynthia

ALL dental disease is 100% preventable. As a parent, you want your child to learn to become independent. BOCA Kid visits ensure that this transition occurs with confidence. Orthodontia, when entered, is especially addressed with home care skills.

BOCA Kids will understand the science behind tooth decay, be able to recall more advanced anatomy (such as gums, tooth enamel, and dentin), identify missed areas by disclosing areas of plaque, and be able to brush their teeth at the gum-line and floss efficiently.

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Teen BOCA visits are structured to assure you of excellent prevention care and your teen’s desire for a clean, fabulous smile.

Teen visits concentrate on building the respectful dynamic relationship between your teen as master of their oral care, and our hygienist as the trusted, helpful professional. Teen visits are highly focused on esthetics, keeping up their best dental care habits, and making healthy choices in diet and hygiene.

BOCA Teens, by popular consensus, asked for safe, effective and simple smile lightening, so we’ve made single use disposable bleach trays available as part of the Teen BOCA service. BOCA does need verbal parental consent to provide this to your teen – they will appreciate you for it.

ALL dental disease is 100% preventable. Teens are smart and can be fiercely independent; teens need to want to have healthy, clean teeth, or it just doesn’t happen. Period. We at BOCA understand this; we encourage a culture of mutual respect, guiding your teen to make their excellent dental health a reality.

Let us take the pressure off you. BOCA Teens are confident in how to keep a natural, healthy smile for a lifetime. They have great home care skills, understand how diet influences tooth disease and how to spot tooth decay and gum concerns, and know when and how to ask for help.

BOCA Teens transition gently into Adult Prime appointments. At age 16, the Dental Procedure code changes from child to “adult” cleaning.

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BOCA offers a full complement of health and esthetics-focused services, because your needs are unique and your visits should be, too. These visits are structured to encourage personalization while maintaining thoroughness. Adult Prime visits increase the longevity of your fillings and crowns, can dramatically slow the progress of fledgling dental concerns, improve your heart and brain health, lower your overall dental expense, improve your looks and breath, and can even prevent up to 100% of future dental disease. It must be magic!

ALL dental disease is 100% preventable. As Adults, we often feel that we have a dental fate. Let us encourage you to believe otherwise. BOCA Prime visits both promote your best overall health and prevent dental disease; they are the most cost effective dental treatment. Period. If you currently have dental issues, frequent BOCA Prime visits are the “procedure” that often prevents one area from tanking while another is being restored. Once dental disease is in remission, frequent cleanings protect your investment.

Repetition of healthy habits, just like repetition of healthy food choices, equals real results. Knowing that, we want you to be delighted with your care at BOCA. You will find encouragement, not scolding, while learning real and efficient skills to use at home. In addition to the most dedicated and caring practitioners, BOCA has invested in the best modern technology to keep you safe and comfortable. Our practices are maximally helpful, minimally invasive, and use natural and biocompatible products including Ultrafine Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda), charcoal, remineralizers, ozone and essential oils.

BOCA is designed for prevention, and ideally begun before dental disease occurs. However, adult cleaning visits can occur at any time, even in the presence of acute dental issues, provided those issues are being addressed at Whole Health Dentistry or with another dental practitioner or specialist.

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BOCA offers gentle and thorough prevention-focused services for seniors. Sometimes we could all use a bit of help. Good diet, and being comfortable and socially active are dependent on a healthy mouth. As we mature, oral health challenges change.

Platinum Senior visits aim to improve your diet, comfort and confidence. Hygiene treatments can dramatically slow the progress of many common dental issues, and improve your heart and brain health, in turn lowering your overall dental (and health) expense, and improving your smile and enjoyment of life.

At BOCA, you will find encouragement and real help, while learning simple and efficient skills to use at home. In addition to the most dedicated and caring practitioners, BOCA has invested in the best modern technology to keep you safe and comfortable.

BOCA is designed for prevention; Platinum Senior cleaning visits are encouraged to be frequent and regularly spaced. We find this makes a great difference for Seniors, even in the presence of substantial dental issues. Significant issues may require an exam with Whole Health Dentistry to ensure best direction of care.

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For everyday stress, clenchers, grinders, or those new to Ortho, these BOCA deep massage visits ease intra- and extra-oral tissues and will leave you relaxed and radiant.

Many of us wake up with facial tension, or regularly hold tension in the face, neck and shoulders. Besides feeling good, alleviating tension in the surface and deep tissues of the face, head and neck greatly benefits your oral health!

Jaw-joint pain and headache occurrence is regularly affected by muscle tension. Teeth are particularly affected by tension in these areas; as the tissue is unable to modify its shape, teeth basically have three choices – deeply bruise, fracture or wear down. BOCA DeStress helps protect your teeth.

Procaine and ozone injections for scar tissue and collagen promotion are available with prior arrangement.

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Let BOCA give you a brilliant smile that will leave you confident and camera-ready! We have everything from Deep Enamel Lightening to quick Gel-Pak Options. Our lightening methods maintain hydration and mineralization to protect tooth tissue while brightening your smile.

1. Deep Enamel Lightening – BOCA’s Super effective, dramatic and permanent tooth lightening in two simple visits. First visit (about 30 minutes) includes a dental impression for 2 week preparation applied at-home. Second visit (about 90 minutes) includes application of intense lightening gel directly to enamel while protecting lips and gingiva.

2. Flash bleach – This semi-permanent variation to BOCA’s deep lightening provides you with same-day beautiful pearly whites, and is perfect if you want an intensely fresh smile but need it NOW!

3. Gel-Pak Option – Our most convenient option is an application of pre-prepared lightening trays after your BOCA hygiene treatment for an instant, brighter smile.

4. Gel lightening pens are also available for home use in between your BOCA visits.

A dazzling white towel, when washed only with other whites becomes dingy in appearance due to the collection of deeply embedded particles of pigment- chromophores. Similarly, adult teeth, having had countless exposures to staining particulates, become difficult to whiten. Adults desiring real lightening will have best success with the Deep Enamel Lightening due to accessibility to deeper layers of pigmented enamel made available by the 2 week at-home preparation.

Are you a selfie-holic or preparing for a special portrait event? According to photographers, tooth color is difficult and imperfectly correctable even with the best editing programs. Let BOCA help you smile with confidence with lightening perfect for you.

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Ensuring your first day Ortho-free is a “TA-DA” celebration, BOCA supports wearers of Brackets and Invisalign Aligners. Specifically developed to tackle the nooks and impossible-to-reach areas, support best home care, and identify potential trouble spots early, EmBrace increases your success for healthy teeth when your “braces” come off.

Orthodontia offers fabulous organic improvement of function, joint health and beautiful aesthetics using small, constant forces. These forces work below the gums, at the root and bone level, but are applied to the teeth themselves. The devices which apply forces, whether brackets or aligners, are a real challenge to natural food debris clearing of the teeth by the tongue; they prevent toothbrush and flossing removal of microfilm, causing gingivitis, enamel demineralization “white spots”, and dentin damage “tooth decay”. Orthodontia is well worth the investment, and BOCA protects that investment.

ALL dental disease is 100% preventable. During Ortho, it’s helpful to think of dental cleanings as maintenance “pit stops”. BOCA will efficiently clean what you cannot clean at home, and will teach you the skills to get the best home cleaning possible. While in Ortho, good home brushing and flossing are at least twice as difficult. If your regular cleanings are twice a year, it’s reasonable to expect to come every three months while in Ortho treatment; the extra two cleanings are easily less than the cost of a single treatment for tooth decay!

BOCA Embrace especially lends itself to on-demand treatment. Your Ortho won’t last forever and neither will your need for increased cleaning frequency, but DO get them for prevention sake – how often is up to you. Up to monthly cleanings are appropriate if you need the confidence or the pleasure of a clean mouth.

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