Treat jaw pain with prolotherapy at Whole Health Dentistry in Santa Barbara, CA

If you are struggling with chronic jaw pain or nighttime grinding, Dr. Copeland can help. Whole Health Dentistry is a biological dentistry practice in Santa Barbara offering prolotherapy to help patients relax their TMJ.

What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a type of injection therapy that uses anti-inflammation and nervous tissue calmers to relax muscles, improve blood flow and ease tension in inflamed areas. Dentists use prolotherapy, sometimes known as regenerative injection therapy, to help patients suffering from TMJ disorders caused by clenched jaws. The injections will kickstart your body’s natural healing process so you can strengthen your joint and help your TMJ move back into the optimum position.

Prolotherapy is generally used when other treatment options aren’t providing relief, and in many patients, it can avoid the stress of surgery. The injections can provide immediate relief, and as your body’s natural healing process kicks in, you should notice an improvement over a few weeks. Meanwhile, Dr. Copeland will work with you on ways to prevent the problem from coming back, such as changes to your diet and exercises to improve your oral posture.

What to expect during your treatment

Dr. Copeland can evaluate your teeth and jaw during your consultation to determine the best treatment for your TMJ. These treatments may include a nightguard, physical therapy, and relaxation techniques to help you control your clenching. In some cases, she may recommend prolotherapy to help protect your joint. 

During prolotherapy, Dr. Copeland will inject your TMJ joint in several places with a combination of oxygenated Ozone and an anesthetic. Patients may need up to six treatments, spaced out every few weeks, to rejuvenate their joint.

TMJ issues may start small at first, but over time, they can develop more severe symptoms. Patients with severe TMJ issues can experience painful yawning and may find chewing too challenging to manage. At Whole Health Dentistry, we focus beyond problems with your teeth and design treatment plans to improve your overall quality of life. Text our office in Santa Barbara, CA, today at +1 (855) 441-0001 to learn more about prolotherapy and other holistic treatments for your oral health.