The Biocompatibility Testing of Dental Materials Makes a Difference in Santa Barbara, CA

Dr. Cynthia Copeland and the competent dental team at Whole Health Dentistry in Santa Barbara, CA, keep your health and happiness at the forefront of all treatment. They work hard to make sure you get the best possible results from all dental treatments and want those results to be long-lasting.

For that reason, these professionals utilize state-of-the-art biocompatibility testing, determining which dental materials are best suited to your unique physiology. It helps guarantee the biocompatibility of all dental materials used in your treatment.

That is only one of many ways the expert team at Whole Health Dentistry effectively tailors treatment to your specific goals and needs. With biocompatible dental materials, the goal is to give you longer-lasting results with fewer complications.

What to Expect from Biocompatible Dental Materials

Research has shown that the variety of traditional materials used in dental procedures can lead to several systemic issues due to allergies or other problems. Different materials interact differently with each patient’s unique physiology. Traditional dental materials contain potent chemicals, amalgam metals, compounds, and other products that may pose severe challenges to your immune system if not accounted for.

The expert team at Whole Health Dentistry uses individualized biocompatibility testing to ensure every material they use will integrate well with your specific need. They do not use a blanket approach, applying the same treatments and materials regardless of the patient. Instead, they tailor treatment to suit your goals and use dental materials specifically chosen to interact well with your body’s physiology, helping them achieve better, longer-lasting results.

Biocompatible materials are made from substances that are specially designed to interact well with living organisms. These are offered in place of traditional metals and chemicals, which may cause allergic reactions in patients or corrode over time.

No two patients are exactly alike, so at Whole Health Dentistry—no two treatments are exactly alike. The Whole Health team strives to give you the most advanced care possible, using materials that interact well with your body and won’t cause additional complications down the line.

To learn more about biocompatibility testing and how it can help you, make an appointment with Dr. Cynthia Copeland today. Text Whole Health Dentistry to schedule a consultation at +1 (855) 441-0001!