Our conservative approach to enhancing your smile

For many years in dentistry, patients who wanted to transform the appearance of their smile had to undergo invasive, time-consuming, and tooth-altering treatments that may have improved the aesthetics of their teeth and gums, but potentially compromised their long-term health in the process. At Whole Health Dentistry in Santa Barbara, CA, Dr. Cynthia Copeland practices conservative cosmetic dentistry, using the latest biocompatible dental treatments and materials that preserve your natural tooth structure for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Our conservative approach to enhancing your smile

Having a terrific smile does not mean you need to sacrifice your oral health. Dr. Copeland uses a variety of techniques and non-reactive, durable materials that are designed to be long-lasting while helping you safely achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. This includes options such as:

  • Tooth lightening: Also commonly referred to as tooth whitening or bleaching, we use safe and effective professional-grade gels to release stains from deep within the enamel and lighten your teeth for a bright smile
  • Veneers: Cosmetic imperfections such as permanent stains, small gaps between teeth, misalignment, oddly sized or shaped teeth, and pitted or grooved enamel can all be addressed with veneers, which provide symmetry and beauty to your smile while only requiring a small amount of natural tooth structure to be removed.  In some instances the”prepless” technique can be used with virtually no alteration to the existing tooth.
  • Composite bonding: This versatile treatment can be used to repair broken or chipped teeth, reduce gaps, and change the shape and color of teeth – all within just one visit, without the need to alter your tooth structure
  • Biocompatible restorations and tooth replacements: Dental implants, dental crowns, fillings, and other tooth restorations are made from biocompatible materials such as composite resin, porcelain, or zirconia that blend in seamlessly with your smile while restoring health and function to teeth that have been damaged or lost
  • Optimizing tooth position with Orthodontia: A conservative approach to obtaining the best oral health can involve placing teeth in their optimal position.  Doing this can save dental enamel, protect the jaw joints, provide facial breadth and even close spaces that would otherwise need implants.

Cosmetic dental care designed for your unique needs

Your smile speaks volumes about you, and Dr. Copeland combines artistry and precision with a biological dental care approach to help you achieve your cosmetic dental goals while preserving what makes your smile uniquely yours. To schedule your consultation and discuss the options for transforming your smile at Whole Health Dentistry, text us today in Santa Barbara, CA at +1 (855) 441-0001.