Tooth preservation dentistry in Santa Barbara, CA for a beautiful, functional smile

The human body is truly remarkable and is capable of healing itself in many ways. However, your teeth are unique in that they are among the few tissues that cannot heal themselves after decay, disease, breakage or fracture occurs. Fortunately, effective dentistry techniques and biocompatible materials enable Dr. Cynthia Copeland at Whole Health Dentistry in Santa Barbara, CA to restore the structure and function of your teeth so that you can be free from dental pain, enjoy your favorite foods, and smile with confidence—all while preserving as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

Why is the preservation of tooth structure important?

Tooth preservation dentistry is focused on keeping as much of your natural tooth intact as possible after the damage has occurred. While modern dental advances have provided patients with more options than ever before for restoring decayed or diseased teeth, there is simply no restoration that works as well as your natural tooth. After dental damage has occurred, the more of your tooth structure that can be preserved, the better it will function.

Scenarios in which tooth preservation dentistry can be used

At Whole Health Dentistry, Dr. Copeland practices conservative, tooth-preserving dentistry in every treatment she provides, such as when patients have:

  • Chips and cracks
  • Cavities
  • Larger areas of decay
  • Abscesses and infections
  • Old restorations that need to be replaced

Dr. Copeland uses biomimetic principles that focus on conserving your teeth while using restorations that mimic your natural tooth properties and structure while maintaining the vitality of the inner dental pulp. She does this by using biocompatible materials that replicate the essential features of your tooth’s natural enamel and dentin while removing as little of the tooth as possible using techniques such as CO2 laser, to remove only the infected or damaged tooth structure. The composite resin and other non-reactive materials Dr. Copeland uses are designed to maximize adhesion to your teeth for a strong bond, sealing out disease-causing bacteria, while also minimizing future pain and tooth sensitivity. In some cases, treatments such as ozone therapy and remineralization agents can help stop the decay process and help promote your body’s natural healing processes.

In addition to being healthier and providing better function for your tooth in the long-term, the end result is often more aesthetically appealing as well so you can be confident when you are speaking, eating, and smiling. To schedule your appointment at Whole Health Dentistry, text our Santa Barbara, CA office today at +1 (855) 441-0001!