Biomimetic dentistry: a conservative dental care approach in Santa Barbara, CA

Dental technologies, materials, and methods have rapidly changed over the last few decades, enabling us to provide better and safer care than ever before. However, no dental restoration can match the strength and durability of your natural tooth structure, which is why Dr. Cynthia Copeland practices biomimetic dentistry at Whole Health Dentistry in Santa Barbara, CA. This approach, which means “to copy or mimic nature,” conserves as much of your natural tooth as possible when repairs are needed, helping to keep your teeth strong, protect them from future damage, and seal them off from bacterial infiltration.

Biomimetic dentistry explained

Many dental practices treat issues such as decay, infection, or disease with techniques and restorations that are effective at addressing the problem, but result in the removal of a large portion of the natural tooth. Conversely, tooth conservation and preservation are fundamental to biomimetic dentistry. Dr. Copeland considers your dental problem and ways to treat it carefully, removing as small of an amount of your tooth structure as possible and then using advanced materials and methods to prevent the issue from recurring. The end result is a tooth that functions and feels great while being protected from further damage and bacterial infection. When your teeth have been treated using these methods and you take good care of them with regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits, they are in the best condition to last, minimizing the concern of tooth disease from overtreatment or breakage.

Benefits of biomimetic dentistry

Dr. Copeland has invested time in biomimetic dentistry training and uses this approach with her patients because of its many benefits:

  • There is less need for extensive treatments such as tooth replacement or root canal therapy
  • Overall less cost due to customized, intelligent treatment planning over conventional options
  • Patient satisfaction is much higher
  • As much of your natural tooth is preserved as possible, helping it retain its natural durability, strength, and function

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