Ozone is a triplet of Oxygen (O3) which becomes pure Oxygen (O2) and a super Oxygen (O-). The O- ’s negative charge is effective for a cascade of health beneficial effects both local and systemic.

Dr. Copeland introduced Ozone therapy many years ago as a method of reducing the number of chemical agents in the dental office setting. It’s effective antimicrobial actions (anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial) while being biocompatible, but at the same time bio-enhancing to mammalian cells(that means you) make it a natural non-chemical healing agent in the mouth. She is certified in Advanced Ozone Therapies.

With multiple ultra-pure Ozone producing Longevity generators, Whole Health Dentistry has available Ozone for nearly all procedures. All dental cleanings, surgeries, and restorative procedures utilize therapeutic Ozone. Ozone may be placed safely in mucosa, gum tissue, exposed tooth tissue during preparations, bone, along nerves, joints, vascular areas, areas with poor blood supply and new surgical sites.

Methods of placement:

  • Injection into Soft Tissue (gingiva, mucosa)
  • X-tip injection into Hard Tissue(bone)
  • insufflation bubbling with a fine blunt tip (between teeth and gums)
  • in Aqueous solution (dental cleanings, mouth rinse)

Research has shown that human immune cells make their own Ozone to combat microbes. Ozone loads additional red blood cells which provide oxygenation for tissue repair. It widens blood vessels by providing better blood flow and turnover by producing Nitric Oxide (NO). It destroys the cell walls of microbes, but not wounded tissue and it “reboots” cellular function, reducing pain.

While not all inflammation is infection, all infection is inflammation and acidic having too many H+ effectively blocking cellular respiration pathways. A fascinating effect is the tracking of the energized O- molecule is in inflamed areas. Ozone’s negative electrons follow positively charged infection or inflamed pathways. Ozone quenches this with precision, bringing the tissue to physiological neutral while also providing the aforementioned effects.

In nature, Ozone is a naturally occurring substance found near where there is enough energy to collide (three) O2 to make (two) O3 molecules. After rain, near waterfalls or ocean waves are examples. At Whole Health Dentistry pure Ozone is made to specific dosages, to its desired effect, in all glass housing of Longevity Ozone generators. In this form it is pure for injectable purposes.

After years of traditional dentistry ignoring (and scoffing at) the beneficial effects of Ozone, JADA (Journal of American Dental Association) has recently published a report on the benefits of Ozone placed preoperative for 3rd molar surgery. It is the result of several randomized controlled trials showing Ozone reducing post surgical complications(pain, swelling, improving quality of life and decreasing pain med use). The ship turns slowly. To read more about JADA

All drugs have side effects. Dr. Copeland’s strategy will always be to enhance the body’s naturally occurring healing mechanisms with the broad spectrum healing effects of energized oxygen Ozone before resorting to antibiotics or other drugs.