Located in Santa Barbara, California, Whole Health Dentistry offers alternative methods of dental treatment. Cynthia Copeland, DDS, DIBDM, owner of Whole Health Dentistry, is a Biological Dentist.

Biological Dentistry is a combination of traditional, general dentistry with additional studies in mercury/materials toxicity, biocompatibility, nutrition, and alignment. It also incorporates Eastern medicine philosophy and the field of energetics.

Well-being is the primary focus at Whole Health. Science-based holistic approaches and a mixture of modern traditional dentistry help achieve the best possible outcome. The oral cavity is place in its perspective as part of the whole person. Great care is taken to use natural products, biocompatible materials, and sound diagnostic skills for the attentive treatment of each individual. We are not a traditional office which perpetuates the replacement of dental restorations by treating only the result, not the cause dental disease. We do not use toxic materials, over prescribe antibiotics, or ignore systemic conditions. Simply put, at Whole Health Dentistry, we treat your entire body, not just your teeth!

The body must be sound and the immune system healthy in order for dental treatment, like all medical treatment, to be successful. Referral to and from like-minded healers in alternative and traditional physician spheres are used to enhance treatment. Education is an important aspect of the practice and time is taken to provide sources for further learning and understanding.

Primum no nocere.
First, do no harm.

Dr. Copeland on a trip to Africa

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